Monday, May 9, 2011

The Shirtless Congressman

As we know the media loves to highlight random and insignificant facts about political figures. I am sure we all recall comments made on the candidates' wardrobe and hair styles. I can't help but wonder if the media is actually to blame in the case of Aaron Schock. Schock is a 29 year old congressman from Illinois, was on “Today” on Monday to talk about how he stays in shape and his “Fit for Life Summer Challenge.”

On “Today,” Schock’s appearance was promoted with this tagline: “Congressman bares chest to promote fitness.” The First shot is of Schock in a lunge position wearing nothing but baggy shorts and black Nike sneakers. The question that “Today” host Matt Lauer wanted answered: How does he do it? “You’re on the banquet circuit,” Lauer pointed out.

The congressman went on to talk about how he stays fit. “When I’m sitting at the banquet table, I don’t grab the bread basket. You eat the vegetables, you ask for a side of fruit,”
Discussing Schock’s challenge to Americans to lose a few pounds this summer, Lauer brought up the issue of time. How can busy Americans find a few minutes to hit the gym?

Is this what congressmen should focus on? What do you think?


  1. While on the one hand Members of Congress should certainly be speaking about policy and issues. However, many times they seem too distant and hard to relate to, thereby making the system, in which they find themselves in, too confusing and untouchable. Light conversations, on the other hand, makes the Members of Congress human and relatable for the average American and therefore these types of interviews also have some merit to them.

  2. I agree but I have to say that a congressman posing shirtless on the front cover of a magazine is a little much.